CHRIST Returns The Jesus Illumination
Letter 1 rosepage 46
1.148.2 If I required such proof, then I was in a state of doubt and I would
probably kill myself, besides I had been shown that in every eventuality
I could lift my thoughts up to the Father_Creative Consciousness
and ask for a solution to every problem.
How quickly I forgot the Truth!
1.148.3 So I prayed, passionately asking forgiveness
for being weak enough to indulge my own fantasies
and seeking my own way of doing things.

1.149 Again, the answer came in renewed strength
and a greater sureness of foot as I scrambled over the rough ground.
I found, too, that I was covering long distances so quickly
that it seemed that I had stepped outside normal time reckoning,
and I was in a lighter dimension where human experience was lifted
above its heavy thralldom of exhausting expenditure of energy.
1.149.1 Walking was so easy it was now invigorating.
1.149.2 I exulted in the fact that I had found the key to more abundant life!
1.150 A while later, feeling so much at ease, my mind began to wander
and I thought about my meeting with the stranger
and the kindness he had shown me.
1.150.1 But I also remembered his warning and again
my old nature re-asserted itself and I felt deeply rebellious
that he should presume to tell me how my work would go.
1.150.2 I decided he knew nothing about my future and set his warning aside.
1.150.3 “Why,” I thought, “with my knowledge I could accomplish
things no man has ever done before.
Instead of struggling in a difficult life,
1.150.4 I could begin to accumulate wealth easily,
attract followers wherever I went,
and share my knowledge with them to make their lives easier also.
1.150.5 I could take away all pain and suffering.”
1.151 As I contemplated the many places I could visit so easily,
I felt myself skimming the surface of the ground
and rising until I reached the highest peak of a steep mountain
overlooking the countryside below.
1.151.1 There it was, all laid out before me.
1.151.2 I felt my previous enthusiasm return.
1.151.3 Why, it would be so simple to round up the people
and share all my knowledge with them.
1.152 I would become powerful, even famous as the man
who rescued mankind from all their sickness and troubles.
1.152.1 I would gain their admiration and respect
and would no longer be remembered as an idle worthless fellow.
1.153 With a tremendous shock, all I had been taught so recently,
but a few hours ago, returned to mind with great force and clarity.