CHRIST Returns The Jesus Illumination
Letter 1 rosepage 44
1.138 Yet I was reluctant to leave this ‘hallowed’ place
where I had been so illumined and transformed in spirit.
On the other hand what a wonderful future lay ahead of me!
I would walk through all the cities, towns, villages and tell everyone I met
– the GOOD NEWS! The Kingdom of Heaven, that place where
all sickness disappeared and every need was supplied was within them!
1.139 Because I knew that the Father and I were ‘one’, now
that my mind had been cleansed of the old thoughts and ideas,
I would direct healing at their illness and disease.
I would teach them how to relieve their poverty.
1.140 When the FATHER_CONSCIOUSNESS within me began to dim,
and I gradually returned to human consciousness I became aware of gnawing hunger and also a return of my human conditioning and thought.
1.140.1 My reactions to my six weeks’ experiences began to change.
1.140.2 My usual human awareness of ‘me’ and my desires,
took over my thoughts.
1.140.3 “Why, the most amazing and completely unexpected thing
has happened to me!” I exulted. “I have been given knowledge
beyond any yet given to any other man.”
1.140.4 I was jubilant with the realization that, at last, my doubt and rebelliousness against the avenging god of the Traditional Orthodox Jews was vindicated.
1.141 I had been right after all!
1.142 Who had ever suspected the human mind could be so highly creative,
that a strongly-held thought or desire would actually manifest itself
in the visible realm?
1.142.1 I realized that Moses must have known something of this,
because he had accomplished some strange things
when the Israelites were in dire need.
1.142.2 He became a leader and changed the course of the Israelites
previously enslaved in Egypt.
1.143 I could return now and free my people from the rigid control
of their own Teachers.
1.144 My hunger pains now became intense. It occurred to me that
1.144.1 I could turn stones into bread to satisfy my longing for food because
1.144.1 I remembered that the Father_Creative Power
worked through my mind and therefore,
everything in the universe would be subject to my command.
1.144.2 I was about to speak the ‘word’ which would change stones into bread
but something in me halted me abruptly.
1.144.3 It came to me, strongly, that the Father_Creative Consciousness
was perfect protection, nourishment, fulfillment of need,
and so the hunger would be taken care of, if I asked the Father for relief.