CHRIST Returns The Jesus Illumination
Letter 1 rosepage 43
1.128 How can I describe for you, my inner glow, my transcendent
brightness and brilliance of joy and powerful feelings of love
which possessed and inflated my entire being with their intensity
until I cried out with the pressure within my mind and heart.

1.128.1 It was so powerful it seemed it would entirely dissolve my bodily form.
1.129 As I received all this supreme, sublime understanding of the Reality,
our Source of Being, and the true nature of creation itself – and of mankind,
1.130 I was uplifted in spirit and my body became light as air.

1.131 At that time, when I was thus elevated within
the Divine Creative Power Itself,
I was indeed almost a ‘Divine Person’ myself, experiencing
a high degree of the Nature of the Father_Creative Power within me
and feeling Its own drive and caring concern for all humanity.
1.132 Therefore, I could later say with truth:
“Only I know and have seen the Father”.
1.133 In that moment how I yearned to teach, heal, comfort, uplift,
feed, take away the people’s pain and misery.
I longed to release them from their fear of a mythical avenging god!
1.134 When I returned to tell them the truth, How I would emphasize
the reality of the Father_Creative Power PERFECT LOVE
supplying their every need.
1.134.1 All they had to do was ‘Ask, seek, knock’ and all their needs
– of whatever kind – would be bestowed upon them.
1.135 How joyously I would tell them the good news
that redemption from suffering lay within their grasp
if they only took the necessary steps to cleanse their minds
and hearts of the TWIN IMPULSES of manifested being.
1.135.1 This should be simple enough, I thought, one only needed
understanding and self-control.
1.136 (- I have descended towards your vibrations to refer back
to my actual state of mind during the time I was in the desert.
1.136.1 It will help your own understanding immeasurably if you try to enter
my ‘state of consciousness’ at that time. So many things, such as
my works of healing and ‘walking on water’ will become clear to you.
1.136.2 They will be seen to be a natural consequence of my new
understanding of the Father-Creative Power. If you read the gospels
of Matthew and Mark, their records will have new meaning for you.-)
1.137 To return to my final hours of enlightenment, – there I was in the desert,
possessing the clear understanding that man himself – (through no fault
of his own) creates the barrier to attunement to the Father_Creative Power,
and now I was longing to hurry back and teach, heal, comfort,
dry the tears of those I so greatly pitied.