CHRIST Returns The Jesus Illumination
Letter 1 rosepage 40
1.113 All of this realization lifted me to the heights of rapture,
elation and sublime ecstasy,
so that I was scarcely able to bear it.
1.113.1 I felt my body must dissolve
with the expansion of Power within me.
1.113.2 I was irradiated with LIGHT and could see IT all around me
illuminating the desert scene.
1.114 My heart sang in praises.
How wonderful and beautiful was the Loving Creative Power
which worked in, through and for us, unceasingly!
1.115 What a MIRACLE was creation!
1.116 I cried out loud:
1.116.1YOU are the SOURCE OF ALL BEING,
both creator
and also manifested within and through the created:
1.116,2 there is nothing in the entire universe which is apart
or separate from the limitless, eternal infinity
of DIVINE LIFE, Creative Power Consciousness
– that you are –
1.116,3 how then is it possible that mankind is so sinful
– and why do people suffer disease, misery and poverty?
1.116.4 Tell me, o loving Father Creative Power,
because I have been heavily burdened with the pain
of their miserable lives.”
1.117 Then I was shown the reality of the earthly condition of all living things.
1.118 I felt immense excitement because, at last, I would be able
to understand how it was that such a loving Divine Creative Power
could allow Its creation to endure such misery.
1.119 I was shown that every living thing in creation should be radiantly
healthy, cared for, nourished, protected, healed,
maintained in peace and plenty, prospered within an orderly society
of beings extending only love to each other.
1.120 ( However, at the moment of creation, two BASIC IMPULSES
came into being, ensuring individuality, and it was these
which controlled mankind’s consciousness
1.120.1 These IMPULSES were explained to me in detail but this knowledge is
reserved for a future Letter when you will be better able to understand it )…
1.121 I was shown the following vivid vision.
1.121.1 First of all, I saw a new-born babe as ‘light’,
a life-form of Creative Power