CHRIST Returns The 9 Axioms of the Creation
Letter 1 rosepage 39
1.112. 9.
The inherent characteristic
of the Loving Intelligent Creative Power
was LAW and ORDER The undeviating order and reliability apparent in creation,
even governing the tiny entities (‘cells’) within the body, were astonishing
and far transcended any human endeavor. Therefore, the entire universe
was operating under a system of perfect LAW & ORDER. I realized on ever higher and higher levels of spiritual exaltation that
the creative power exhibited intelligent purposefulness
and loving concern for all living things. I realized that life was not something nebulous or amorphous
but an intelligent loving creative power which I could actually feel
within myself as a tremendously heightened state of being, perception,
radiance, ecstasy, joy, love. I knew myself to be one with it – filled with it –
and I was one with everything around me and one with the sky and stars. And – most wonderful and glorious of all – the very –
Nature and Function of this Father_Creative Power was to work in order to create joy, beauty, and comfort
to ensure mankind’s well-being, to work within mankind to provide interior joy, health and comfort
and to work through mankind,
inspiring him with new realization and understanding. Wonderful vistas of glorious creativity came to mind. Once we became truly at one, purified channels and instruments
of the Intelligent Creative Power, we could gradually ascend
in consciousness until we truly expressed through our minds
and hearts the very NATURE of the Universal Creative Power . Then life on earth would indeed become a state of heaven
at all times and we would enter into a state of eternal life! This must surely be the true goal behind creation, I thought. And it came to me with a surge of elation and loving joy, that this
was the purpose for which man had been evolved and developed!