CHRIST Returns The 9 Axioms of the Creation
Letter 1 rosepage 38
1.112. 7.
SURVIVAL was a natural characteristic
of the Creative Power In every case, the most wonderful provision had been made
for all living things to grow, be healed of illnesses and injury,
nourished in order to keep the body healthy,
and to produce its own kind
in order to ensure survival on this earth.
This was the only reality mankind could be absolutely sure of
and Its activity was consistent, year in and year out. The sun, moon, stars, all remained in their places for millennia
and it was recognized that they all possessed
their own paths of movement – this phenomena
was all part of the grand scheme for survival in creation. If this was so, how could there not be survival of the
eternal flame of: Loving Intelligent Creative Power
hidden within the created entities of every kind in the universe?
Therefore, this world was but a shadow and image
of the hidden worlds of Loving Intelligent Creative Power
beyond this dimension.
The Reality of the entirety of creation lay beyond this visible world.
1.112. 8.
The inherent characteristic
of Loving Intelligent Creative Power
I saw that there was a RHYTHM
in operation in the world Everything was subject to seasons
which gave a blossoming and burgeoning of life,
a growing season coming up to the ripening and harvest,
and the production of seeds which ensured the survival of plant life. Then there was the gradual dying away and rest period of winter. But nothing created and living was allowed to become extinct. The sun and moon expressed these characteristics within the universe. This rhythm could even be seen in the females of living things. Therefore, everything in creation had its due time
for appearance and harvest. It followed that man himself was subject to tides of growth and success
and tides of dormancy.