CHRIST Returns The 9 Axioms of the Creation
Letter 1 rosepage 37
1.112. 6.
The innate Characteristic of the LOVING
which has given creation its individual form and being
is WORK It works for us, in us, and through us
Its work is always, always, always, prompted by LOVE. This cosmic revelation filled me with joy and astonishment.
What a wonderful world we lived in! It was the culminating point in my enlightenment
and my overall view of the TRUTH
concerning the SOURCE of ALL BEING. I had already seen the reality of the physical bodies
composed of various communities
of identical infinitely tiny entities
working in a spirit of co-operation and harmony
to produce the various components of the body
– flesh, bone, blood to eyes and hair. The only difference between these communities
lay in the type of work
demanded by their common goals. Surely the DIVINE IMPULSE behind all this intelligent,
purposeful activity in the body,
was both the inspiration
and foundation of man’s own conduct
when people worked in unison to produce a planned objective? They drew intelligence and purpose
from the Creative Power
yet how very different was man’s behaviour
when engaged in earthly construction
or any other communal project
for it was inevitably characterized by arguments and dissension. I was brought to a realization
of the Intelligent Creativity ever active within creation,
maintaining order, co-operation, harmony,
daily productivity, unequalled by man anywhere,
at any time.