CHRIST Returns The 9 Axioms of the Creation
Letter 1 rosepage 35
1.112. 1.
The Nature of the Creative Power is GROWTH Everything living always grows. GROWTH is a universal characteristic, an undeviating principle of existence.
1.112. 2.
The Nature of the Creative Power is
NUTRITION and NOURISHMENT Nutrition and Nourishment are a normal and marvelously organized process within bodies which is evident to all
who take the trouble to consider them. Nutrition is provided for all living things according to individual preferences and the food is digested to promote health and well-being. When little creatures are born, milk is already supplied within the mother, ready and waiting for the newborn.
This too is a mystifying principle of existence none can deny. No science can explain why such a fortuitous function
within the system ensuring survival of the species,
should have originally come into being. The actual function itself may be understood but not the why
and the mainspring of the function.
1.112. 3.
The Nature of the Creative Power is HEALING Healing is a natural characteristic of existence
and can be said to be a natural ‘Perfecting Process’,
which takes place to ensure individual comfort
but none can explain what prompts the activity of healing.
1.112. 4.
The Nature of the Creative Power is PROTECTION Protection is an integral characteristic of Creative Power and all of Its
seeming miraculous activity in the world is geared towards protection.
(Today, your medical text books describe the various protective systems
in your body but when I was in the desert I saw the characteristic
of Protection inherent in the Intelligent Creative Power in the following way.) As plants, birds and animals were presented to me for inspired observation, I could see how every need of protection in bodies
has been lovingly supplied, with the greatest attention to detail.