CHRIST Returns Life and Experiences of Jesus
Letter 1 rosepage 34
1.104 I could see then, that everything in the universe,
did live, move and have its being
in the Creative Power of UNIVERSAL MIND,
which was infinite and eternal and was the only true Reality
behind all manifestations of individualized form.
1.105 I was filled with praise that everything in the world was out of,
and yet within this superlative Creative Power of Divine Mind.
1.105.1 I marvelled at all this secret activity
forever taking place in all living things, including human bodies,
and wondered how it was that such infinitely small units
worked intelligently according to specified plans to produce, unerringly,
the proposed form – tree trunk, leaf, flower, fruit,
insects, birds, animals and human bodies.
1.106 I then realized, even more clearly, that the Creative Power
was the very Source of all intelligent activity in the universe.
1.107 If mankind possessed intelligence, it was only because
he had drawn it from the Universal Source of All Being.
1.108 Furthermore, I was shown that the Divine Creative Power
always worked
according to certain fundamental and exact principles of construction.
1.109 I was shown that:
1.109.1 Just as men have clear characteristics
and a well-defined nature in their self-presentation
to the world at large,
1.109.2 so did the CREATIVE POWER possess a clearly defined Nature
– distinct characteristics – which could be clearly recognized
in the manner that all living things, plants, animals, birds,
men, were constructed and maintained.
1.110 I saw that these principles and characteristics,
clearly observable in the process of creation, were set,
invariable LAWS governing all of existence.
1.111 These LAWS are so much part of life that they are never questioned.
1.111.1 They are undeviating and consistent
– but there would be no such laws if there were
no Creative Intelligent Power manifesting Itself through the universe.
1.111.2 These principles of creation,
the characteristics of the Creative Power Itself, are as follows:

(I am translating them into your present tense
because these principles are eternal.)