CHRIST ReturnsRacism and Re-incarnation
Letter 9 rosepage 333
9.58.5 If you can imagine a soul first plunging into a red pond
and coming out dyed red and entering life as a red person
with all its natural red racial tendencies,
and educated in childhood to live red lives,
you will understand that the soul leaves that life
with much that is red in his consciousness. Next he will plunge into a blue pool and he will emerge blue
with all the characteristics of blueness – and the life style of blue people. When he leaves the world again, he will have accumulated
facets of blue consciousness mixed with the red. And so it goes, life after life, the same soul growing through differing
experiences of colours, religions, status, marriages, sexes, countries,
politics, until finally, he wakes up to the fact that this is what is happening
to him and he decides he is tired of all the various colour combinations
– he wants only to ascend into LIGHT. Then his true spiritual journey starts – and gradually, by moving
into one life after another, he sheds the red, blue, yellow, green, black, brown, purple accumulated in past lives, until at last, freed of all the illusions and false concepts of past lives, his soul steps out into LIGHT
and re-incarnation is no longer necessary. The soul is strong, resourceful, creative
– but the individuality of the soul is still inviolate
and he begins to ascend into different levels of spiritual LIGHT
beyond the frequencies of vibration of the world.
9.59 As I said in this Letter, I am with you always,
radiating the TRUTH of BEING in consciousness.
9.60 The more you read these Letters,
the more you will become aware
of my Presence and my Love
and through this contact
my loving purposes for you will be fulfilled.
9.60.1 Only you will be able to break the contact.
I am radiating Love no matter how you feel.
9.61 I leave you with my LOVE and longing
for your speedy journey into Spiritual Light.