CHRIST ReturnsRacism and Re-incarnation
Letter 9 rosepage 332
9.57.5 Thus, little by little will you become unified,
and the Divine Consciousness will, more and more,
take possession of the world as was Its earliest intention.

9.58.1 There are many who will ask how it is that at the moment of conception,
a soul can be drawn from Divine Consciousness, but the body itself
may be used as a vehicle of self-expression in its coming life-span
by another soul, who is ready to re-incarnate.
9.58.2 When a soul is ready to enter earthly conditions on its next span
of earthly learning, the soul is drawn to the parent – or parents –
who can offer those conditions which will enable it to take its next necessary step forward in spiritual evolution. At the moment of conception, the old soul infuses its personal
consciousness of past lives and past spiritual progress
into the conception process and becomes the soul of the fertilised ovum. Some mothers are almost immediately aware of an alien
consciousness within them. The new consciousness the mother has received in her womb,
sometimes deeply affects the course of her thinking,
her pregnancy and state of health.
9.58.3 Once the child is born, the mother feels that she has been restored
to her normal self. Sensitive mothers frequently experience an awareness
of the direction their child’s life will take and may think that this awareness
is really born of her own wishes for her baby.
9.58.4 Re-incarnation is not haphazard
or without a consistent plan directing its action. The purpose is always to provide the journeying soul
with many entirely different experiences which will enlarge
the soul’s hidden store of worldly knowledge. It provides stimulating and necessary changes of scenery and of family
and environmental personalities, of characteristics drawn from genetics,
but always that thin thread of the soul’s journey
will be buried in the subconscious mind and will surface to influence
the present incarnation, although the person may be wholly unaware of it. Therefore, it is possible for characteristics, strongly held views,
or passionate ambitions to be perpetuated from one incarnation to another. Sometimes the ambitions are formulated in one lifetime
and only brought into a successful manifestation
in the next lifetime under entirely different conditions. In such cases, before rebirth, a soul must wait until
the world conditions will further the hidden ambitions of the soul successfully.