CHRIST ReturnsRacism and Re-incarnation
Letter 9 rosepage 331
9.56.19 If you are not prepared to take on the consciousness of the race
you wish to join, then acknowledge, accept and RESPECT with LOVE
the differences in consciousness. No one has the right to demand you should ignore the differences.
Choose the highest standards on offer in the world,
work to embrace and use them – and then all skin colours will take on
a new and inner beauty which none will be able to resist. All people will then willingly bond in perfect harmony. Physical appearances of every colour will also change
and take on new inner beauty.
9.57 When these Letters have been distributed throughout the world
and groups of people bond together to live within the spiritual
laws of existence, such groups will find they are living harmoniously
protected lives, although there may be mayhem going on around them.
9.57.1 Everywhere, those who bond together to learn
how to enter – and live within – the Wholeness of Being
which I termed the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ 2000 years ago,
will discover that their circumstances are surely changing.
9.57.2 I urge you to meet together on a Sunday
to speak of your many blessings, give sincere wholehearted thanks
and raise your minds in praise of That Which has given you Being. Meditate together to draw Divine Consciousness
through your minds into world consciousness that the nature of the Divine may, more and more, imbue the nature of the world psyche
with Its own transcendent Love. Your groups will emit spiritual consciousness energy
which will influence mind energies around you.
9.57.3 I would have you remember that the world was not in such
a dangerous predicament when the churches, world-wide,
met on Sundays to worship God. Those days are now past. You will not worship God. You will build up a strong awareness of Divine Consciousness
universally present. Its universality and scope of creativity will be ever more firmly entrenched in your minds by means of sincere praise.
9.57.4 In the silence and stillness, you will all reach out
to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS and invite IT lovingly to take possession
of your mind and heart.