CHRIST ReturnsRacism and Re-incarnation
Letter 9 rosepage 330 Forgive the present, forgive the past
and accept that much good has come out of it,
learn to bless and love those whom you thought
injured you or your ancestors.
9.56.12 And you who presently occupy skins which carry the power of privilege
– consider other races and their problems, and reflect upon the fact
that you may, in a future life, occupy an underprivileged body
and come to know, first hand, what it is like to be born
with a sense of being a second class citizen.
9.56.13 Reflect also on your past lives, ponder what you may or may not
have done to bring about your present situation.
9.56.14 The truth about RACISM is this: Every single entity under the sun
has descended from Divine Consciousness in one way or another. At the very inmost roots of their being, everyone is united in ONENESS. Therefore, where do the differences lie? They arise out of the development of species, genetics, conditioning,
traditional teachings, customs and educational and family habits
of relating with others and the differences in thought patterns. It is not the colour which divides you. A small child of every race and colour because of its innocence
and spontaneity of self-expression will find acceptance
in the heart of most adults.
9.56.15 It is the CONSCIOUSNESS which divides you
and which is felt on every level of your being –
for you are all, despite your materialised bodies,
CONSCIOUSNESS FORMS expressing consciousness patterns and
CONSCIOUSNESS FORMS receiving consciousness patterns from others.

9.56.16 The consciousness of each individual is their reality
– not their skin or appearance –
and it is the consciousness of people
which either attracts or repulses others.

9.56.17 You can rest assured that you will only overcome your sense
of racial differences when your mental/emotional thought patterns
are in sympathy, and when your VALUES by which you choose
to live throughout your day, are the same. Until that time comes, it is useless for people
to be angry with one another for experiencing racial differences. They are endemic to the human condition.