CHRIST Returns Life and Experiences of Jesus
Letter 1 rosepage 33
1.96 Therefore, Genesis should be rewritten:
Before creation – was UNIVERSAL MIND
– Creative Power behind and within creation itself.

1.97 Having seen so clearly, beyond all dispute, that the
Creative Power of UNIVERSAL MIND was everywhere,
within the infinity of the skies and active within earthly forms as well,
I was inwardly directed to look around me and saw only gravel and rock.
1.98 Then, suddenly I was presented with a picture of a beautiful land
in which were growing every conceivable plant, shrub and tree,
even birds flitted in the trees, and animals grazed the grass.
1.98.1 Watching this vision with amazement, I saw that plants and trees,
every one of them – and yes, even birds and animals, in reality,
were composed of hundreds of communities of infinitely tiny entities
(your modern scientists call them cells) working continuously,
in an entirely harmonious spirit of cooperation,
to produce the substance and various organs of the inner system
and the outer appearance of the completed living entity.
1.99 I contemplated this wonderful activity for a long time,
although time was no longer of any importance to me.
As I gazed and gazed, I thought,
“Who would have guessed that within the outer covering of fur, feather,
skin, there was such intense activity within tiny communities of entities,
working together to give life, form, nutrition, healing, protection,
endurance to the bodies of so many different species.”

1.100 It was the intelligently performed WORK which attracted my attention.
1.100.1 Therefore, WORK, I realized was an integral part of the
Creative Power Activity
from the very least entity (cell) within living systems
to the most advanced entity in the universe – man himself.
1.100.2 In the systems of all living things, all the labor was under
the direction, ultimately, of the Divine Creative Power,
in whom were the plans and designs of creation.
1.101 I saw that these plans and designs were, in reality,
consciousness forms and could be termed WORDS, since each WORD
signifies a very special consciousness form.
1.102 Hence the original WORD in Creative Power Consciousness
becomes manifested in the visible world.
1.103 The WORD, and therefore the Consciousness Pattern’ remains
within the DIVINE CREATIVE MIND continually bringing forth its own.