CHRIST ReturnsRacism and Re-incarnation
Letter 9 rosepage 329
9.56.8 ‘Lord – I am sincerely glad and happy that all those terrible things took place.
Because of them, I am where I am today, because of them I have been given an opportunity to test and experience the extent
of my endurance, intellect, emotions, talents. I can measure myself against the achievements of other races
– and perhaps continue to learn how to rise still further from my beginnings. I thank You for the strength and inspiration
to show my basic equality with everyone else
– I send out my thoughts of love and gratitude to those who laid
the foundations for my present good all those many, many years ago.”
9.56.9 You can also reflect upon the fact that it was inevitable,
according to the LAWS of EXISTENCE, that those who were connected
with slave trading and other tragic events, or were responsible
for handing out pain and torture to other human beings,
should return in a future life as a member
of the down-trodden races ad suffer grievously. When born into black races, it is more than likely
these people were vociferous in their demands
for equality and humane treatment for black people. Such a person may even have been your great grandfather or father
– and you may be wondering why life has treated the poor soul so badly. Alternatively, the white people who manacled the black people
and kept them in dungeons, at this time, may still be creating
mayhem for other people by occupying the stratum of society
of all races which are rebelling vociferously against the past. It may well be a past which they themselves
had helped to bring into being.
9.56.9 IT IS A FACT that people are re-incarnated into different strata of society
in different races to enable the soul to learn some meaningful lesson
as it journeys upwards towards CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.
9.56.10 Bear in mind the fundamental principle of existence.
You, yourselves, create your to-morrows. You bring into being, also, whatever you need for your upliftment
by reaching out for it. Whether you are aware of it or not, as you reach out
for an improvement in your life conditions,
you are spontaneously reaching into higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

9.56.11 As I have already told you – the DIVINE WILL is to release creation
from stress, and therefore, those lessons needed to take you upward
towards Divine Consciousness will come into your experience.