CHRIST ReturnsRacism and Re-incarnation
Letter 9 rosepage 328
9.56.1 For you who have come to understand the truth concerning
who you really are,
I want to talk to you about the world-wide concern regarding racism.
9.56.2 I would have you know that this talk of RACISM arises only
out of the ego-drive of those people who have felt themselves despised
and rejected because of their racial differences. These feelings are rooted so deeply in the self
that no matter how circumstances may change for them
and they may be able to progress in life, even becoming
characters of extreme importance on the world stage of life,
there always remains the feeling of inadequacy and resentment
against the people who first made them feel inferior.
9.56.3 It should be understood that such feelings of inferiority
are not unique to black races. These feelings of extreme lowliness are experienced
by the majority of people subjected to the caste system in India,
class distinctions in the European culture,
and in those countries where differences
are made into mountains of separation of one person from another. These painful and undermining feelings of lesser status
are experienced even by the so-called exalted personages
who are never quite comfortable in their positions of authority.

9.56.4 This feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness is endemic
to the human race as a whole, no matter what the position,
or race, or education of an individual may be.
9.56.5 The feeling of worthlessness arises to a large extent from the deep,
deep awareness of the psyche that ego-behaviour is contrary
to the highest principles of human existence. When this natural inbuilt drive of unworthiness is re-inforced
by proximity with other apparently more prestigious or successful people,
then this natural feeling of inadequacy takes on agonising overtones.
9.56.6 The only means of overcoming the ethnic painful feelings of rejection,
even when highly successful, is to reach the clear realisation that
if there had not been the kind of ethnic upheavals, removals,
arrival of strangers and aliens with their different languages,
cultures, educational processes
and their subjection of your natural states and modes of living,
the various races would not now be occupying the positions of responsibility
and worldly status as some have achieved at this moment.
9.56.7 Therefore, the only healing and life-renewing course of action
is to meditate, ponder, reflect, and ask for Divine Light on the subject
until you can, in all honesty say: