CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 327
9.53.8 Little by little you will be returning to your child condition
which views the world with happy, enquiring gaze. This is not senility.
It is a state of greater awareness and vibrance
no matter what your age may be. This is the state of being I meant when I said that
“Unless you become as a little child
you shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. I actually said that when you enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
you become a little child – a child in wonder and joy.
9.53.9 I have given the world these Letters
that those who read and absorb them
may eventually enter the Kingdom of Heaven
and reach that state of joy
which comes of purity of mind and innocence.
9.54.1 If people tell you to enter into spiritual exercises
and imaginecertain conditions
– be sure that if you follow these instructions
you will only keep yourself rooted in the material dimension of ego.
9.54.2 Imagination has nothing to do with spirit.
9.54.3 Imagination is the exercise of your own human consciousness
which you should be trying to transcend
by entering into higher levels of spiritual consciousness.
9.54.4 These levels are not those of imagination but those of Reality
– regular spiritual levels of frequencies of spiritual consciousness vibrations.
9.54.5 The spiritual frequencies are those of Divine spiritual consciousness
not of earthly mental imagination.
9.54.6 Therefore, beware whom you would accept as your teacher.

9.55 Only absolute Stillness and Silence of your consciousness will open
the door to the entry of Divine Consciousness into your mind
and that is what everyone should be seeking.
9.55.1 If you are thirsty and you need a drink
– why imagine you are beside a lake? Go to the lake itself and take a drink of pure refreshing water.