CHRIST ReturnsThe Power of Laughter
Letter 9 rosepage 326
9.52.3 Sometimes laughter in an extremely amusing situation is prolonged
to such an extent that the person eventually feels exhausted
– but also happy and rather sad that the laughter is finished.
9.52.4 Most people will testify that laughter promotes a feeling of well-being,
even if there was discord just a minute earlier. If a person can genuinely laugh, seeing the absurdity of a situation,
where there has previously been annoyance or hurt,
the tension is released and friendly relationships are restored spontaneously.

9.52.5 Laughter is a gift of love for a creation possessed by,
and needing relief from their egos.
9.52.6 As the ego drive gradually relinquishes its hold over your mind
and emotions, you will find that laughter bubbles up spontaneously
and brings a wonderful feeling of release.

9.52.7 The ripple effect of laughter raises your consciousness frequencies
of vibration, not only because it is energy released where you most need it
– over your heart – over your diaphragm, the seat of your emotions,
but because LAUGHTER is directly of Divine Consciousness. Therefore, laughter is Divine.
9.53 LAUGHTER and your inner child.
9.53.1 As you read these Letters and meditate
and your levels of frequencies of consciousness vibrations are raised,
you will discover that old mental patterns
are no longer comfortable in your mind.
9.53.2 You will seek ways and means of ejecting them from your consciousness.
9.53.3 As you move upwards spiritually and are ever more desirous
of unloading unwanted human ego drives
the conflict in your sensibilities will become increasingly burdensome,
and you now long and pray for relief.
9.53.4 You will find that when you turn to Divine Consciousness
and passionately ask for Divine Assistance, the help will surely come.

9.53.5 You will successfully get rid of unwanted thoughts and re-actions, and
you will then discover that laughter becomes more and more spontaneous.
9.53.6 You will also discover tensions are smoothed away
and that you are becoming much lighter in thought,
easier in relationships, more caring, much more appreciative,
more aware of life itself and all that it has to offer in sight and experience.
9.53.7 You will enjoy simple pleasures more, you will be less jaded in appetites,
you will need less food, less entertainment,
will be more content with your own company,
and will eventually begin to rejoice in your own company
will be infusing your human consciousness with
Its own exalted State of WELL-BEING