CHRIST ReturnsThe Power of Laughter
Letter 9 rosepage 325 Thereafter, the confrontation will become difficult and unpleasant
for both of you. To get through to ego-driven people you must
continually speak in such a way as they will never feel threatened. This is the art of loving communication and you can only
learn it by trial and error and dedicated practice!
9.48.3 Each time, you conquer ego in yourself, it becomes that
much easier to relate to others because you are reaching
an understanding of the function of ego in all people.
9.49 As time passes, and you are gradually released from the grip
of your ego-drive, you will find that, more and more,
you can listen to others with soul empathy and love.
9.49.1 If they behave in a way which would have hurt
or offended you previously, you will feel the welling up of laughter instead.
9.49.2 You will then know that your soul is in direct touch
with Divine Consciousness – for Its natural state is that of laughter.
9.50Laughter is a consciousness impulse which ripples across your skies,
from one planet to another, through your Milky Way
and out into the furthest reaches of infinity.
9.50.1As infinite as Divine Consciousness, it came into existence
at the moment of the Big Bang.
9.51 What is Laughter?
It is a spontaneous consciousness response to a situation where two events
or two incidents or two people, do not – in the natural order of things
– belong together, they are strangely at odds or in opposition to each other.
9.51.1 It is a ripple effect experienced in all living things of higher species
capable of certain judgments or perceptions. It eliminates stress.
9.51.2 The ripple effect is felt over the diaphragm which guards
the heart and nervous system.
9.52 As you have seen on examining the nature of creation, everything possible
has been done in the evolution of design and growth of living bodies
to make a perfectly adapted body to suit the environment
to enable the occupier of the body to be comfortable and happy
and live without stress.
9.52.1 Stress is inimical to health.
It is contrary to the WILL of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
9.52.2 A spontaneous and hearty burst of laughter is first experienced
as a rush of rippling consciousness through the head,
bringing a lightening of the entire consciousness. This is immediately followed by the physical ripple effect of laughter,
experienced as a light beating of breath on the diaphragm to break up
any tension and to smooth away any residue of bitterness.