CHRIST ReturnsOvercoming Ego-drive
Letter 9 rosepage 324 You have also begun to remove your own defences
and because of this, you will find that – at last –
you are achieving true self-esteem and peace of mind. This new understanding of the feelings of others will inspire
in you a great respect for them. You will always want to deal with them justly,
giving them their dues, never wanting to take advantage of their good-nature,
never wanting to put them down, reduce their self-esteem, always ready
to encourage and pick them up when they’re in pain – physical or emotional. You will find yourself doing these things for yourself also. You will become your own counsellor, support, healer. You will see each person, no matter what their status, as of an equal
basic reality as your own and you will see that you are the equal
of everyone else be he King, Pope or President for underneath the externals,
you have both come out of the GREAT UNITY of BEING. Therefore, you will no longer feel inadequate in any situation,
because you have moved forward in the strength and wisdom
drawn from Divine Consciousness, and recognise that you, too,
have equal rights with everyone else. Quietly, calmly, you will not allow others to take advantage of you. You will be able to speak your mind clearly and honestly
with due regard for the feelings of the other person. You will no longer want to denigrate another and reduce their self-esteem. Rather, will you make every effort to save their selfrespect
yet relating your truth in a clear, but loving way. Remember, when stating your truth to another, it is not within
your province to tell them how they should act in any given circumstance
or how they should react to your words. However, standing by UNIVERSAL VALUES of perfect honesty,
conscientious work, goodwill towards all, caring for the under-privileged,
a person is entitled to demand that these values should take precedence
over every other consideration of EXPEDIENCY within a group
or community enterprise or national endeavour. You also have a perfect right to say how you are made to feel
by a person’s belittling behaviour towards you
should you be aware of a need to do so. It is probable that your caring honesty may be necessary
to solve or clarify a certain situation for the good of all
. State your case with kindness – gently tell them how you feel in the present unpleasant circumstances and explain what has made you feel that way. Do not say “You did such and such a thing”
because they will feel you are blaming them and immediately
you will arouse the ego defence mechanism in the other person.