CHRIST ReturnsOvercoming Ego-drive
Letter 9 rosepage 323
9.48 If someone wants to tell you how you have hurt them at any time
– stand or sit still quietly and know that this is a true challenge
to your ego-drive. This is your big moment – your greatest testing-point.
How will you handle it?
9.48.1 Will you make excuses and defend yourself, considering,
even saying, that your actions should not have hurt the other person
– and were fully justified in the circumstances? If this is how you respond, then your ego-drive is still
in perfect control of your consciousness. If, however, you can realise that the great moment of truth is upon you
– and because of this awareness – you are able to remain quiet and calm,
listening to the other person’s descriptions of their hurt at your hands,
you are succeeding in the first overcoming of your ego.
9.48.2 The next urgent step is to put your own need to defend yourself
firmly aside and sincerely empathise with what the speaker is saying. You will only be able to do this sincerely if you can be self-effacing
enough to enter a place of inner silence
where you can fully enter into their hurt,
hear what they are saying and receive their pain into your heart. If you can do this, you will have got inside their skin. And when you can get inside their skin and feel their pain,
you will want to apologise from the very bottom of your heart
for what you did; the pain you inflicted ignorantly and unknowingly
will become your own pain and you will not res
until you have managed, through loving words,
to remove all residue of pain from the other person’s consciousness. You will then have healed the hurt
and it will also be eliminated
from your electro-magnetic consciousness system. You have won a great victory over self. You will have reached that point of inner strength and endurance
when you can truly perceive the reality of other people
as being of equal validity with your own. You have recognised and accepted that others can be hurt
by your actions in just the same way as you have been hurt by others. After reaching this great moment of truth in your life,
you will find yourself able to move between yourself and others
quite comfortably, able to see events from their perspective
as easily as you can see your own. A great balancing between the needs of other people
and yourself takes place, and you enter into a state of peace since
you are now confident that you treat others fairly and with generosity of spirit.