CHRIST ReturnsOvercoming Ego-drive
Letter 9 rosepage 322 This is the first step to overcoming ego-drive.
9.41.4When involved in argument, let there be full justice
rendered by each party to the other.
9.41.5Listen – absorb – heed – make amends as far as possible.
9.41.6 Make certain that in your demands you do not make inroads on
the well-being of the other party – be it personal, pleasure, business or industry.
9.42 Remember that as you do to others,
so will it eventually be done to you.

9.43 Remember that your thoughts, words and actions of today
will take on form in your experience in days, months or years to come.
9.43.1 Sometimes, the sowing will take years to grow into its harvest
and the sowing will have been forgotten. However, rest assured, whatever you do today
will return to you in some related form,
although you may never recognise it as such or perceive the connection.
9.44 Whatever you would have people say about your mistakes
– say those things – and mean them – about the mistakes
that other people may make – friends or strangers.

9.44.1 Give the acceptance and forgiveness you would like to receive. What is true forgiveness?
It is a state of understanding the other person
and their reasons for their behaviour so clearly
that you can say in all honesty – there is nothing to forgive.

9.45 The loyalty, kindness and generosity
you would like to receive when in trouble

– give to others when they are struggling with heavy burdens.
Never turn to them a cold shoulder.

9.46 Learn to look at a person or a situation
with the eye of kindly discernment.

9.46.1 See them as they are at this moment and then
remember that I see them with compassionate love.
9.46.2 If you see a real need of improvement in them
– for their own good and the future enhancement of their well-being –
look at them only with heart and eyes of love
and see them as they can be in the future.
9.46.3 Take them in thought to their SOURCE of BEING
and know that your prayer has surely blessed them
and opened doors to their development.
9.47 Seek guidance from Divine Consciousness as to whether
you can broach the subject of their improvement
and ask how this may be done to ensure their happy acceptance
of counsel and ultimate success in personal development.