CHRIST ReturnsYour moods toward Others
Letter 9 rosepage 321
9.36 You may read these Letters and decide you want to continue as you are
– in your ego-consciousness, trusting Divine Consciousness
to help you through the difficult patches.
9.36.1 But I can tell you that life itself will eventually convince you
that any other way does not bring the rewards which your soul,
hidden and silently waiting for release, is longing to experience
– particularly that of full re-union with Divine Consciousness.
9.37 The greatest gift you can give yourself – or anyone else –
is to ratefully accept into your own mind
– and try to imbue in other receptive minds –
the full inspired understanding of who you and they really are
and what can truly be accomplished
when you and they abandon self-will
and look to the SOURCE of their BEING for help,
guidance and fulfilment of every need.
9.37.1Become a Light to yourself
– and whomever can receive it.
9.37.2 At the same time, no one can absorb learning on an empty stomach;
therefore a certain amount of physical nutrition should be given
to help the process of spiritual-physical evolutionary development,
if you are trying to teach the materially impoverished.
9.38 Be willing to give to others and know that as you give,
you become part of the give-and-receive system of the entire universe.
9.39 It is impossible to give and not receive in return
– unless you yourself believe you live only on the supply
from your work, your bank account and investments.
9.39.1 When this is what you believe, then this is what you will experience.
9.40 Until people truly wake up and open their eyes
to the full realisation that they are the individualisation of
the SOURCE of their BEING which is a combination of
PERFECT IMPULSES of Creativity & Love,
they will remain attracted to the enticements of materialism,
satisfactions of body lusts, and the desire for self-promotion above all others
– which ranges from take-overs and strikes in business and industries,
and gross disharmonies in relationships to murder, rape and war.
9.41 Wherever a person exerts his ego over another, angry discords abound.
9.41.1 This is the very first Law of Existence
which must be publicised throughout the world.

9.41.2 How then, should human nature strive daily
to live in a world naturally dominated by ego-drive
– the overpowering desire for self-satisfaction?
The answer lies in my statement:

9.41.3Do to others as you would be done by”.