CHRIST ReturnsYour Rhythm and Approach
Letter 9 rosepage 320
9.33.3 I, the CHRIST tell you, truly, there is no higher truth
or higher way on offer to you at this time.
9.33.4 You may sometimes feel you have found something higher,
because on the level of your present human consciousness
you can relate to what is written more easily –
but you can rest assured that SPIRITUAL TRUTH of EXISTENCE
is the only KNOWLEDGE which will bring you eventually to
CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS which is your true destination and none other.
9.34 CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is the spiritual consciousness
of all the great Masters. There is no higher.
9.34.1 To increase your understanding, you may seek out those authors
who have already found for themselves
and are practising what is written in these Letters,
but do not follow those who still follow other writers and quote other
authorities and are still seeking a way through human thought
into the vastness of spiritual Truth – beyond human thought. They, like yourselves, are still in the foothills of consciousness
– they have not yet penetrated the mental/emotional ozone
to draw close to the precincts of SPACE.
9.34.2 Do not follow those who are finding pleasure in
– and writing of marvels in occult practices and are seeking
to lead you into experiencing them also, advocating the use
of material substances to increase energy in different areas of your lives. When you use material substances
such as crystals, candles, incense, joss sticks,
you focus your human consciousness on those things
which have human meaning for you and give you pleasure. In this way, do they anchor your human consciousness
to the effects of human consciousness,
continually leading you back into fixed levels of human consciousness.
9.34.3 Whereas, if you want to ascend into true spiritual dimensions
of consciousness, your goal is to penetrate and then transcend
the earthly human consciousness dimension.
9.34.4 The only true energy, true dynamic healing Life Force comes
from your consistent contact with DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
9.34.5 As you journey upwards, you will become acquainted
with the finer vibrations of the astral planes
but do not loiter in these levels since they are only manifestations
of higher physical forms of consciousness and should not be your true goal.