CHRIST Returns Life and Experiences of Jesus
Letter 1 rosepage 32
1.91.1 When I had moments of doubt that this could be so,
the changes in the phenomena stopped taking place,
and much later, I discovered that: my thoughts, if strongly imbued with CONVICTION
could effect changes in the shimmer of motes
(what science presently calls electrically charged particles)
and therefore produce changes in the appearance of the rock
or whatever I was studying.
1.91.2 It was at this point, that I came to realize the powerful effect that
CONVICTION or unwavering FAITH had on the environment
when stating a command or even a belief.
1.91.3 What was even more startling was my mind-opening,
cosmic consciousness realisation that all I had been witnessing
was really the Creative Power of Divine Mind Itself,
made visible in the shimmer of tiny motes.
1.91.4 Not only this, its appearance could be profoundly affected
by the activity of human thought.
1.91.5 I realized there was nothing solid in the universe,
everything visible was manifesting a differing state of consciousness
which determined the composition and form of the shimmer of motes.
1.92 Therefore, all outer form was an expression of the inner consciousness.
1.92.1 LIFE and CONSCIOUSNESS, I realized, were one and the same thing.
It was impossible to say “This is LIFE” and “That is CONSCIOUSNESS”.
1.93 Consciousness was Life, and Life was Consciousness and
was the Creative Power of both; DIVINE UNIVERSAL MIND,
beyond, within and behind the universe.
1.94 I realized that people placed highest importance on individuality and form.
They could not imagine mind or intelligence operating in any effective way
other than through the medium of individual form.
1.94.1 Because of this, the Jews had created a mental image
of a vast supreme being, having all the attributes,
positive and negative, of a human being.
1.94.2 Thus was it possible for prophets to believe in – and speak of –
Jehovah’s anger, threats of punishment, visitations of sickness
and plagues in response to human waywardness.
1.94.3 But these mental images, I realized were myths. They did not exist.
1.95 I perceived that, in any dimension of existence, it was the MIND
– the intelligence exhibited – which was the all-important factor
relating to creation and man, himself.