CHRIST ReturnsYour Rhythm and Approach
Letter 9 rosepage 319
9.30.5 Without these dark periods of depression, you would not grow
in spiritual stature. They have a special message for you
so do not give way to despair or bitterness.
9.30.6 Although you may feel fragile, this is your winter season of self-discovery and inner renewal which will ultimately prove to be
of greater blessing than ever were your peak periods.
9.30.7 Take heart and do not lose faith. Hold on patiently
until winter gradually yields to your spiritual spring again.
9.30.8 Persevere in relaxing and confidently waiting for the time when
Divine Life will again flow into your mind, heart and earthly life and
all you had hoped for will begin to manifest in your experience. And throughout this time, realise and hold on to the fact that
if you are no longer aware of the inflow of Divine Consciousness
during your meditations, it is not because you have been abandoned
but because your own cosmic
– and therefore your personal consciousness vibrations –
are at a low ebb and you are no longer able to rise to experience
the vibrations of Divine Consciousness as you did previously.
9.30.9 Although you may not feel them, rest assured that always
you are enfolded in them and in DIVINE LOVE.
9.31 I also want to remind you and impress upon your consciousness that
the moment the most impoverished of human beings can understand
the true nature of their origins and can make use of the knowledge,
they can begin to pull themselves out of their rut and can then rise
to any heights they choose for themselves – providing, daily,
they tune into the SOURCE OF THEIR BEING and draw on
Its Infinite Power, Life, direction, inspiration and guidance.

9.32 You are not victims of fate – you are victims of
your own creative consciousness until you realise that
your consciousness is entirely of your own shaping.
9.32.1 When this glorious Truth dawns within your own consciousness,
you will begin to turn your life around and will eventually discover
that you can work to become a Master and achieve
complete freedom in DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
9.33 Try to remember that, in your spiritual search, your aim should be
to keep your consciousness frequencies as steady as possible
within your highest spiritual perceptions.
9.33.1 This is extremely difficult for the human mind to do,
since it eagerly reaches out for new forms of spiritual/mental stimulation
wherever the interest is aroused.
9.33.2 But I have to tell you, it is not enough to read these Letters
and then turn to other books,
hoping to find some higher, more inspirational truth.