CHRIST ReturnsYour Rhythm and Approach
Letter 9 rosepage 318 Do you realise that for the people whom you may reject or criticise, I, the CHRIST have the highest love
and compassion for them at all times? Whom you may be rejecting, I am radiating to them my unconditional love.
9.28 Bear in mind, at all times, that your SOURCE of BEING is in two states
– in equilibrium and activity.
9.28.1 The ACTIVE state of your SOURCE of BEING is the dimension
in which you have been conceived and given individualisation.
is the dimension of perfect silence and stillness, in which
the underlying IMPULSES OF CREATIVITY are locked together
in an embrace of mutual restraint.
9.29 When you fully realise, accept, understand that in every
learning session in your school on earth,
you always have access to the Divine Loving Intelligence
which resolves every problem the perfect way,
you are then lifted beyond the reach of panic and pain.
9.29.1 You solve your problems swiftly and smoothly and realise that your
own store of wisdom and knowledge are being increased in many ways.
9.29.2 In this way, do you evolve on every level of your being.
9.30 Whilst my purpose in coming to you through the medium of these Letters
has been to show you the way to live in harmony with the Laws of Existence,
to help you avoid unnecessary pain, limitations and deprivation caused
by your ignorance of the Laws, I also want to imprint in your consciousness
that everyone is subject to rhythms in their lives.
9.30.1 Everyone goes through the high periods when an inflow of blessedness
brings you all the things you have wanted and you are on a peak
of human happiness and success. You rejoice!
9.30.2 Then comes the time when suddenly the rhythm of life changes,
resources dry up, relationships become difficult and precarious, your career
takes a downward turn, or obstacles occur which keep you static for a long time. You may ask yourself what you have done wrong.
Previously, you worked very successfully within the LAWS of EXISTENCE
but now there are daily challenges and nothing you think or do
is truly alleviating the stress of your daily life.
9.30.3 When – if – these times come upon you – be still and quiet
within your heart and mind – and know that you are still drawing
life and direction from Divine Consciousness,
despite appearances to the contrary, despite the superficial agonies.
9.30.4 At these times it is essential to withdraw and take stock of the ways
in which you may have slipped in consciousness during your up times
– and strengthen your dependence on Divine Consciousness.