CHRIST ReturnsYour moods toward Others
Letter 9 rosepage 317
9.25.2 AND you have also been created to be cared for, nurtured,
provided with your every need in order to ensure your health,
perfect well-being, and harmonious prosperity
whilst on your soul’s journey to individualised re-union
with your Source of Being – Divine Consciousness. Until you do grasp this TRUTH of BEING, you will never achieve
your true potential on earth either physically or spiritually.
9.26No country, religious organisation, and no single person,
no matter how humanly exalted he may be thought to be,
will be able to alter the contents of these Letters since
am also radiating the TRUTH of BEING world-wide to everyone who is
on the level of spiritual frequencies to be able to receive the TRUTH.
9.26.1Such people will receive, revere and adopt IT fully, without reservation,
to be their own guidelines for their thoughts and actions.
9.26.2If there are those who cannot understand or receive the Letters,
it will be only because they are not yet ascended to the necessary
level of con­scious­ness to be able to empathise with them.
Their growth will come later.
9.27 Therefore, I say to those who have not yet experienced the quality of life
I have described as being yours by Divine WILL, do not ask what is
the matter with life or people or circumstances – or with you ...
9.27.1 Look inside your own thought processes, your own attitudes towards life,
generally, your feelings towards other people and yourself – and find out
what kind of thoughts – and expectations – you regularly indulge in.
9.27.2 These create a powerfully creative consciousness energy force
which you are emitting throughout the day. It will attract to you exactly what you fear and expect. Sometimes, the negative creative consciousness form
is deeply buried in your sub-conscious, implanted there many years ago
due to certain circumstances. Or the negative creative consciousness impulse may have come through from a past life. In any event, if you have been subjected to consistently bad experiences, examine your inner state of consciousness
and find out what kind of negative expectations possess your sub-conscious.
9.27.3 Discover, also, what are your attitudes and feelings towards other people?
Are you consistently living within the harmony of the Laws of Existence? Are you expressing unconditional love on every level of your life
– towards every single thing in your experience? Are you able to see the light of the soul within all living things
– or can you see only their egodrive – their darkness?