CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 316
9.24.5 Parents will also come to realise that
since the CONSCIOUSNESS FORMS created within their children’s minds
are the ever enlarging foundations of their children’s future lives as adults,
they will begin to investigate the ETHICAL VALUES taught in schools.
9.24.6 No longer will parents be concerned about the religions taught in school,
since these will only be of interest to a minority,
but they will be very seriously interested in the kind of
philosophies for living, attitudes, arguments, conflicts, statements,
encouraged or tolerated in schools in the future
– by teachers and by pupils alike.
9.24.7 Groups will band together to start small schools
on the foundation of these Letters,
since the old factual material will be abandoned as obsolete. Emphasis will be placed on languages, the arts, logic,
the art of effective inspiring communication,
the development of constructive creative imagination,
mathematics and science, and manual skills.
9.24.8 The curriculum will be centred around the development
of an ability to differentiate between truth and myth,
to perceive clearly the highest values to be adopted and cherished,
and the most constructive, productive way to use them in life
– to improve conditions for the self, the nation, and the world generally. The child will also be taught to become proficient in those sciences
and manual skills which will enable him to work joyfully
and successfully in his chosen field of endeavour.
9.24.9 Children will be tutored within a new aura of concern and love and
shown how they can contribute to such concern and love in the classrooms. They will be encouraged to work with joy and happiness. If this does not come easily, the unhappy child will be shown
how joy and happiness may be achieved
and will be rewarded when successful.
9.24.10 People will be valued according to their commitment
to seeking higher levels of spiritual thought and their dedication
to serving the interests of the underprivileged and communities generally.
9.25 It is a matter of extreme urgency that people world-wide
should recognise that
9.25.1 the TRUTH is you have been born to individualise and express
in an evolutionary manner, eventually reaching peak
INDIVIDUALISED manifestation of your SOURCE of BEING