CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 315
9.21 Many, many people are far from ready to move on
to a higher form of existence and so they dwell in the shadows
until they are released through rebirth.
9.22 Earthly life has become the hell which you depict
on your screens and in your literature. Why?
Because your so-called civilised culture permits brutality
in all its perverted forms, to enter your homes
through the medium of your TV for your titillation and excitement.
9.22.1 You wanted it – and now you have it in its most real form
– within your own daily experiences.
9.22.2 No one is immune from these disasters you have brought on yourselves.
9.23 Do you wonder that I, the CHRIST, have returned to you at this time
to explain to you what you have done to yourselves?
9.23.1 How would it be possible for any spiritual embodiment of LOVE
to remain remote from such agony of spirit and fail to reach out
to render help when help is possible?
9.23.2 Therefore, as I said before, I am not alone in my work.
9.24 I speak for every Master as I speak through these Letters.
9.24.1 Every Master is ministering to those who follow his earthly teachings.
9.24.2 Every Master is calling on their adherents to read, heed,
pray that they may absorb the TRUTH within these pages
and strive to cleanse their thoughts and actions
and become the embodiment of love to all.
9.24.3 But these Letters will set in motion a Season of Change. When people truly wake up to what has been done
to their consciousness, world-wide, by greedy, unscrupulous
and degenerate tycoons, they will experience extreme anger. The public will begin to recognise the insidious
and devious ways in which they have been gradually enticed
into the webs of abomination. And I, the CHRIST, have to tell you that when this happens,
you will no longer find the word ‘abomination’ old-fashioned and out-of-date. You will clearly perceive the difference between wholesome, life-giving
consciousness forms – words – and destructive consciousness patterns. You will rebel and nationally call the destructive consciousness forms
9.24.4 Conscientious and truly loving parents will become particularly vocal
against the present form of entertainment and will prevent their children
from continuing to view the decadence of unpleasant, emotive language,
unbridled violence, and promiscuous, emotionally superficial sex,
presently on offer on your screens, in books and media. Your society is riddled with these low,
despicable consciousness creations which are
carried through into human lives and human actions.