CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 314
9.20.1 They will oppose them mightily.
9.20.2 There will be vilification of every kind through the services of every type
of media – from people who have no scruples in stirring up public wrath
to make money from destructive, vindictive sensationalism.
9.20.3 I have to tell you that the greater the uproar world-wide, the more swiftly
will my Letters reach and convince those people who are weary of the old beliefs, that at last they have heard the simple TRUTH of BEING. They will swiftly respond to its love and call to leave
the lower levels of human consciousness to start their ascent
to the higher spiritual levels where they will begin to experience
the first inflow of interior peace and contentment.
9.20.4 There will be conflict throughout the entertainment industry,
since more and more people will recognise – and turn against –
the violence and degradation with which their entire consciousness
of mind, emotions, body, have been fed by DEGENERATES
obsessed by making themselves a fortune. These spiritual ghouls have understood the strange fascination
of the unholy and macabre for ignorant people who have been
so surfeited with the security, comfort and luxury in the 20th century,
they no longer find contentment in them. They need excitement to stimulate their jaded consciousness. Were the lives of people truly as horrible as is depicted
on the entertainment they watch daily, they would turn from their screens
in search of something beautiful and easeful to rest their tortured nervous systems. And yet, if you will reflect honestly on the conditions
of your present lives, you will realise that they are already becoming
a terror-inducing mirror image of all that your entertainment industry
has given you in the past 50 years.
9.20.5 People have been fed on the worst scenarios possible by cinema,
TV, books and media sensationalism and are now complaining
that the former sense of security they previously enjoyed
has been whipped away from them. I see you on earth, presently barricaded behind electric fences,
high spiked walls, guarded by security men
who themselves traitorously murder the people they guard; I see men and women who previously walked the streets
and country lanes fearlessly at night, now locked up behind security gates
– afraid of the most despicable and brutal attacks. I see races traumatised by their own people. I see genocide, revolutions, bombing, assassinations,
mindless killings of every description. The murdered come through into their next existence
still traumatised by the shock of their unexpected passing.
I see them and minister to them – if they are able to see and receive me.