CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 313
9.19.3 Please understand that when I make such statements, I am referring
to Christian religion, to the tenets of faith, to the dogma and theology.
I am not referring to those great spiritual souls who have sought
– and continue to seek God and Truth beyond the dogma and beliefs. Many of these have received my inspiration into their minds and hearts but are afraid to let go their cherished beliefs. They are hampered by religious practices. The time has come for them
to let them go and grow in spirituality and awareness of their
true SOURCE of BEING and take their congregations with them.
9.19.4 To the Christian Churches of every denomination, I say “Wake up!
The time has come for you to rouse yourselves from a long unnatural sleep
when reason has been suppressed by hypnotic and emotional traditions. These have been handed down through the centuries
by a succession of people claiming to be the highest authority
on all that I taught in Palestine. Do not be afraid of the consequences if you examine your past beliefs
and want to cleanse them from your thinking. Get rid of the cobwebs of illusion and – THINK!

9.19.5 When Christian ministers fully accept that
I the CHRIST have truly returned
to speak to people worldwide,
‘like lightning striking from East to West’
and are ready to teach
 my true message
from the pulpit – you will find your churches
filling again with people, eager to find and make
contact with the Reality which will lead them
to live in total harmony with their TRUTH of BEING. Alternatively, you ministers of religion, who wilfully and egotistically
continue to teach the dogma of Christianity to save face and your stipends,
will watch your religion die a natural death during the next thirty years
and will be abandoned by your congregations who are already sensing
that your words are only words
– in which there is no spiritual life. You will see your churches taken over by those who have realised
that I, myself, have indeed returned to humanity
to show them the way to find and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. section sectorial

9.20 There will also be those whose positions of authority are threatened
by these Letters from CHRIST – from me.