CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 312 If he was, then the whole weight of the Mosaic Law descended
on his head without compassion or mercy or even a hesitant thought
as to the true circumstances surrounding the transgression.
9.17.2 Because I had been born with a mission to open up the minds
and hearts of the Jews to the Reality, which had given them life and being,
even from an early age I rejected the Jewish teachings. Some secret depth of spiritual instinct rebelled against the age-old
Jewish intention to let some other living thing carry responsibility
and pay the price for their own waywardness and sinning. Even more than this, I could not accept that a God
who was supposed to have created such a wonderful world
would rejoice in burnt sacrifices of his own creation
for which he had provided abundantly. I found it impossible to have respect
for such illogical beliefs and practices.
9.17.3 After my illumination in the desert, I became passionate
in my rejection of Jewish traditions.
9.18 Just as I came in human body 2000 years ago,
to rescue the Jewish nation from an edifice of artificial and man-made
burdensome religious practices, so have I come through the medium
of these Letters distributed world-wide, to make it abundantly clear that
the Christian Religion in no way reflects my true CHRIST message
either as I taught it in Palestine – or at this present time when these Letters
will arouse the fury and condemnation of orthodox Christians.
9.18.1 The Christian religion, as it stands at this time, is only a hotch-potch
of the muddled thinking of my disciples’ selective recollections
and Paul’s worthy homilies and other early writings.
9.18.2 Much later, when the impact of Christianity lacked the visual effect
of the gods and goddesses of the Romans, the Christian
religion was adorned with theatrical but expedient nonsense to impress
those whom the Ecclesiastical Empire of Rome desired to draw into their fold.
9.18.3 This empire later imposed monetary burdens on the gullible people
even more iniquitous than the taxes demanded by
the secular Roman Empire on conquered nations.
Even Caesar did not demand payment for souls to gain entrance to heaven!
9.19 You may wonder why I am so explicit in my rejection
of Judaism and Christianity.
9.19.1 It is vital to the success of the distribution
of my CHRIST MESSAGE that people should fully understand
the true nature of religions
which held humanity in their grip until the twentieth century.
9.19.2 Until they do realise the mythical foundations
on which they have placed all their convictions,
people will find it difficult to let go of their cherished beliefs.