CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 309
9.7 You should have understood by now that this was also the sole purpose
behind my last mission to people on earth – to show them how
they themselves were creating their own misery.
9.8 You have been taught by Christian churches
that you who have been created by God
must worship and please God by keeping his Laws.
But this is not truth. Worshipping god is a pagan ritual.

9.8.1 When people worship god they set god apart and above them
unreachable and to be feared – for who knows what evil he might
send on earth if people did not act according to his will.

9.8.2 But that was not the message I brought to earth.
9.8.3 I spoke of the Father which supplied all needs, which answered
when called, which healed when requested to do so,
which was both transcendent to people and also ‘within them’,
meaning that the Creator was universal.
9.9 The Jewish religion taught that only the Chief Priests could approach
the ‘Holy of Holies’ and make supplication for the people.
9.9.1 The populace could approach Jehovah only through the priests
by bringing birds and animals to be offered as burnt sacrifices
to appease Jehovah for the people’s sins. By these means, the Jews obtained forgiveness of sins.
9.10 I repeatedly taught the people that they would receive
the Father’s forgiveness of sins according to
people’s willingness to forgive others
– for it would be done to them according to their own sowing.
9.11 I also taught the people to approach the Father directly
and pray in simple terms, asking for what they needed in life,
and assured them that they would be heard and their prayers answered,
providing they prayed with total faith – with no doubt in their minds.
9.12 You must understand that everything I taught the Jews
was in direct conflict and opposition to what their Religious Elders taught them,
which was why the Priests hated – and crucified me,
since I was robbing them of their exalted positions
as personal henchmen of the Almighty.
9.13 Because, for fear of reprisals after my death, the disciples
did not break entirely free from the Old Testament, much of the Old
Testament thought was carried forward into the Christian religion.
9.13.1 Instead of animals, the body and blood of Jesus were substituted
to be the sacrifice offered by priests upon the altar.