CHRIST ReturnsThe Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 308 Under my influence, she has withdrawn from social life into seclusion
and aloneness and has ultimately become dependent on me
for her daily will-to-live, and I work through her total minute-by-minute
readiness to receive my words whenever cosmic and her personal
consciousness energies enable her to hear and receive me.
9.2.5 I rely on her honesty and dedication to wait to hear me
accurately and I make it clear when it is I who speak. Until I speak – she is unable to write. I have told you this that you may understand out of what
CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS energies, these Letters have taken form.


9.3 I have come again in this Letter to bring together
all the loose ends of my other LETTERS and present them
showing how these teachings are relevant to every aspect
of your earthly lives and to all nations.
9.4 These LETTERS are meant to be the impetus – the spur –
to a personal opening of the mind and heart to your SOURCE of BEING
and eventually, to become the means of your perfect understanding
of the effects of individual and mass thought and behaviour
on every facet of your earthly existence.

9.5 Whereas, in the past, the laws given you for national behaviour
have been directed mainly at
You shall not ... if you do - this will be the penalty ”,
true spiritual laws are entirely different.
They are expressed like this:
9.5.1 ‘Because you and your place in earthly existence have been created in this way ...
if you work harmoniously with the Laws of your Existence ... you will open
your entire system of soul, mind, emotions, body, and personal circumstances
to the consistent inflow of Divine Consciousness, your Life Force.
9.5.2 The fruits of your disciplined behaviour will return to bless
and load you with health, harmony and prosperity.’

9.5.3 ‘If, on the other hand, you ignore these Laws of Existence,
and continue living as you did before you received this message,
then your lives will continue to be punctuated by turmoil,
difficult climatic conditions, pests in your crops,
financial disasters, famines and stressful lives.’

9.6 I have spoken through these Letters – expressly – to enable you
to reach true, consistent peace of mind and spiritual love,
joy, and inner healing of mind, emotions and body.