CHRIST Returns
The Future on planet Earth
Letter 9 rosepage 307

Letter 9

9.1 I, the CHRIST, have come through the medium of these LETTERS
because I cannot return in bodily form
– or take on human personality again –
since I reside in and am, myself, of such fine and heightened vibrational
frequencies of consciousness that no human physical form
could contain my spiritual consciousness.
section sectorial
9.2 My only means of reaching you has been through the medium
of a human being – sensitive, clairaudient, obedient and dedicated to GOD,
born to be the channel through whom I could watch the tumult of her active,
eventful life and world events.
9.2.1 I have been able to intimately review the conflict and pain unknown
in centuries past because scientific and technological discoveries,
and the lessening of moral and conventional values have led to new highly
stressful conditions of modern living and new ways of relating to each other.
9.2.2 Through the medium of this pliable mind, the modern human condition
has, to a slight degree, become subjective for me.
9.2.3 Without this knowledge of the human experience, these Letters
could not have been written in a form which is intended to be helper
to the human condition at this time.

9.2.4 The process of partial overshadowing began before her birth,
continued in her youth and life. Beginning with the thorough de-programming of her mind
and full cleansing of old concepts, my recorder has been deliberately
subjected to every type of human experience, bearing witness
to the struggles and sorrow involved in modern living. With my instruction, she has climbed out of her many diverse holes
of distress, culminating in the death of her ego
and mental/emotional bondage to materialism;
she is learning how to move into the consciousness frequencies of universal love and has had personal experience
so has she been sufficiently cleansed to receive, ever more clearly,
my teachings to distribute throughout the world.