CHRIST ReturnsHow To Meditate
Letter 8
rosepage 306
8.151.2 As a result of this attitude to daily routine,
he does not waste energy on resistance in any shape or form. If there is a special reason to resist some suggestion or coercion,
he will do so calmly and reasonably without magnetic-emotional
feelings of annoyance or rejection.
8.151.3 He becomes the dispassionate observer, doing the right thing
at the right moment.
8.151.4 He possesses his soul in patience, waiting for guidance,
waiting for the right doors to open, waiting for confirmation that any plans
are indeed divinely willed into being through his mind and heart and energy.
8.151.5 He becomes a true man manifesting Father-Mother_Life Consciousness. He also takes on the feminine characteristics of universal love
and becomes the embodiment of: Intelligent love or loving intelligence. She takes on a more masculine characteristic of strength
and strong sense of direction.
8.151.6 If instruction is needed by a person,
he/she will exhibit loving intelligence
and the person will be uplifted by his/her words. If healing is needed,
he/she will demonstrate intelligent love
and the person will be healed. This is the goal to which I lovingly commend you.
8.152 The Path to Christ Consciousness is outlined in these LETTERS.
8.152.1 When you achieve it, you will rejoice and say it was worth every moment
of the rocky and bumpy times which will now be behind you forever.
8.152.2 You will be free to climb into higher dimensions,
each one bringing you new experiences and joys.
8.152.3 You will become founders of a new order
on earth which will form the spearhead of a new surge of spiritual evolution.
8.153 When this spiritual evolution spreads to the general masses
in many years to come, people will finally learn
how to live in peace with one another.
8.153.1 These things will surely come to pass, for the SEEDS of such a future have been sown within these LETTERS.
8.153.2 Whoever welcomes them into their consciousness
and endures in faith
will eventually find them blossoming in beauty,
joy and harmony and bringing forth fruit in their daily lives.
for I, the CHRIST, have spoken