CHRIST ReturnsHow To Meditate
Letter 8 rosepage 305
8.149 When you have gained true inner knowledge,
you will be able to transcend the emotional baggage,
you will be able to meditate and draw upon father-mother_life
and you will feel new energy entering your system, giving you new buoyancy.
8.149.1 You will laugh, be more playful, find happiness in little things,
love the world,
feel brimming gratitude for every little blessing entering your life.
8.149.2 You will find the blessings multiplying in your experience
and showering your daily path.
8.150 How does the person behave,
who has come through to freedom from the ego?
8.150.1 Eventually, such a person is totally free of fear.
8.150.2 There will be absolute conviction that wherever he goes,
he is protected.
8.150.3 Although he may go through potentially dangerous experiences,
he will emerge unscathed.
8.150.4 He will know that he has no need of sword or gun to protect him.
8.150.5 He is protected against every negative eventuality wherever he is.
8.150.6 He will fear no sickness, since he will know that
every built-in device in his system to keep him healthy
is fully operative and working efficiently.
8.150.7 He will know that he will never want for the things needed
to make his life happy and comfortable.
8.150.8 Continually, he will praise and give thanks to FATHER-MOTHER-LIFE
for all things already received and will be received in the future.
8.150.9 He knows he will be guided to be at the right place at the right time.
8.150.10 He also knows that he can ask for whatever is needed
and the response will come swiftly. But the asking will come from his spiritually enlightened centre
and he will never seek for anything selfishly but will always pray
for things within the context of what will be good
for his environment, community, family, friends.

8.150.11 He will have an open mind, knowing that TRUTH is infinite
and whilst he may know much there is always a further dimension to explore. This is what makes life in any dimension, even the
Celestial Kingdoms of consciousness, so exhilarating and purposeful.