CHRIST ReturnsHow To Meditate
Letter 8 rosepage 304
8.147 When on earth I said:
I have come to give you FREEDOM
I have come to bring you “LIFE MORE ABUNDANT”!
8.148 The secret of your tiredness, exhaustion, inconsistency, instability, fear,
despair, depression, lies in your magnetic-emotional bonding~rejection
responses to life and the sub-conscious patterns which sometimes take over
and project you into situations you never intended to create.
8.148.1 Because of these natural impulses of individuality, you are certainly
not free, you are under the control of the magnetic-emotional bondage
both in your conscious and unconscious mind.
8.148.2 You live in the grip of the Ego which has given you
individuality and bound you in fetters of emotional responses to life.

8.148.3 However, the time comes for the sincere and ardent seeker, the person
who gladly follows the path of Christ Consciousness – THE CHRIST WAY
when he meditates and penetrates the magnetic-emotional areas
of the brain, to receive enlightenment which is impressed
within the very topmost areas of the brain under the skull.
8.148.4 New cells are impressed with new knowledge. This is an ongoing process, and you will probably feel
this opening taking place in your brain.
8.148.5 You now begin to operate more and more within the super-conscious
mind which is in ever greater contact with father-mother_life-consciousness
until the time comes when you can no longer bear the ego thoughts
and feelings dominating your normal every day consciousness
and you die the death of total self-surrender.
8.148.6 When this happens, father-mother_life-consciousness
will fill your vision to the exclusion of all else.
You will be entering the consciousness frequencies
of what I termed, on earth, the kingdom of heaven. This phase will be characterised by a gradual withdrawal
from the kind of life you enjoyed before. Your thought life will become ever more purified,
and you will find yourself responding to situations, events and people,
in a more dispassionate way. Whilst you may be less emotionally warm or cold than before,
you will now be in the first wave-lengths of what you term unconditional love
and will do everything from the point-of-view of promoting the highest good
of everyone, which means: for their growth, nutrition, healing, protection,
fulfilment of their legitimate needs within a system of law and order.