CHRIST ReturnsHow To Meditate
Letter 8 rosepage 303
8.142 No matter what you sense or are aware of during your meditation,
when you come out of it, expect to sense a difference in your life.
8.142.1 Remember that expectation is a consciousness form
and as you expect you are opening the way
for that which you expect to be magnetised into your experience,
whatever it may be you are needing or dealing with.
8.143 If you do not feel any new lightness of spirit,
despite your sincere expectations,
do not deny changes or doubt the possibility of them.

8.143.1 Remember your consciousness is electromagnetic,
of the same substance as your physical body,
and it is the foundation of all experiences in your life.
8.143.2 Continue to expect – as you do so you are building up the power,
the energy of your expectations_consciousness forms
which will draw to themselves the manifestation of all that you are expecting.
8.144 Father-Mother_Life Consciousness can only be magnetised
into your individual consciousness by faith, sincere expectancy,
and the willingness to open yourself to the cleansing
of your magnetic-emotional bonding~rejection- impulses.
8.144.1 How many of you presently go into meditation in this way
and come out EXPECTING changes?
8.144.2 How many lose heart when they have felt some change
and then nothing for a little while?
8.144.3 Bear in mind that I told you that you are subject to rhythms of high and low. When you are in your lows, the flow of Divine Life in your system has dropped and the frequencies of vibration of your consciousness also drop. Consequently, contact with Father-Mother-Life-Consciousness
during these times, at the beginning of your search, is almost impossible.
8.144.4 In the early days of your seeking Truth, during your meditation,
you are very much in touch with your subconscious,
and you will find that there is an irritating resurgence of all the old
negative thoughts and memories you had thought you had overcome.
8.145 When you enter your highs, you will find a resurgence of your
spiritual self and will rejoice in this. Your meditations will be more positive
and productive of contact with Father-Mother-Life-Consciousness.
8.145.1 If you will have the courage to persist and exercise self-discipline
during the low times as well as the good, you will find eventually,
that the lows will get less low and any former depression will be lifted.