CHRIST ReturnsHow To Meditate
Letter 8 rosepage 302
8.138.6 (Each time you say and visualise this prayer,
you create a spiritual consciousness form which will become stronger
and ever more elevated in frequencies of vibration
as the true meaning of the prayer deepens in your mind
and heart and your perceptions heighten.)
8.138.7 After the prayer, relax ever deeper
and let your mind go as blank as you can. If thoughts intrude,
gently recite Divine Life or Father-mother-life to yourself
and again quieten your mind.
8.139 After many months of sincere meditation, you may come to feel
that your body is suddenly jerking,
like a person entering sleep and then suddenly waking up.
8.139.1 If this happens, be thankful as your consciousness
is penetrating the barriers of your previously created
consciousness forces encapsulating your soul.
8.139.2 When you feel yourself entering a different deep state of consciousness,
so deep you are barely breathing, know that
you are beginning to attain your goal.
8.139.3 At the end of your meditation, always give glad and grateful thanks.
8.140 Remember that nothing you can think, say, or do,
can in any way reduce all that Father-Mother_Life Consciousness is.
8.140.1 However, any disbelief will form a barrier
between you and Father-Mother_Life.
8.140.2 I want to warn you:
when you are trying to still your mind and thoughts,
you may feel ill-at-ease, physically uncomfortable and even distressed. This is because – initially – you will come up
against the black wall of your own consciousness
and this can be extremely disconcerting – even painful. Bless the experience and ask Father_life
to penetrate your consciousness next time you listen. Then get up and put the experience behind you.
8.141 When you find that you are at last entering into the silence,
then rest equably, knowing that you have now entered
what one might call the holy of holies because, at last,
you are achieving contact with Father-Mother_Life within you.
8.141.1 It will take time for this highly spiritual experience
of the Silence to become a daily routine.
8.141.2 Remember you have a lifetime of ego baggage
to discard and dissolve.