CHRIST ReturnsHow To Meditate
Letter 8 rosepage 300
8.134.5 Do you not see how earthy is such an approach
THAT WHICH GAVE YOU BEING? Is it reverent? Does it befit a person who is seeking true contact, and expects to do so?
is not the mythical God on high as depicted in the Old Testament,
It is the Infinitely Powerful Reality, everywhere present,
manifesting Its own designing, intelligent, evolutionary,
loving caring for all that It has brought into being.
8.135.1 This is what you must realise you will eventually approach,
whilst you are still on earth, when you reach the highest dimensions,
after your magnetic-emotions have been dissolved not only from your mind,
but also your sub-conscious, and solar plexus.
8.135.2 First of all, you will be getting in touch
which is ever active within your entire system and the universe. Remember IT is in equilibrium within the infinite universal dimension,
and active within the world. Father_activity sets the goals. Mother_love directs the way the plans will be developed to promote
the highest good of that which is being adapted, or healed, or protected.
8.136 (Countless people will say that these statements above
are all imagination. They can scoff as they will.
8.136.1 Those who manage to make contact
with Father-Mother_Life Consciousness
but denoting its double qualities –
will verify that the foregoing is an accurate description
of spiritual evolution which follows such contact.)
8.137 To return to your meditation.
First of all, before attempting to enter your meditative state,
memorise the following prayer so that the words become your own.
8.137.1 When you have become perfectly relaxed,
start your meditation with this prayer. Say it slowly and visualise the meaning of each word
to enable you to enter into the consciousness of the word
and enable the energy consciousness of the word
to enter into your deepest self. As you say this prayer, your eyes should be closed
and your gaze lifted towards your forehead.