CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 296
8.117 You have been given individuality and identity
and infinite potential of achieving Christ Consciousness
and there is a price to pay for these.
8.118 For, perhaps, many lifetimes, (until you are educated into this rare
knowledge of self), you will experience the vagaries
and multitudinous complexities of life and relationships.
8.119 In many lives in the past, you may have done outrageous things
considered by others to be sin personified
but these magnetic personality experiences will have contributed
to bringing you where you are today in spiritual perception.
8.119.1 Therefore, you should be able to accept that
there is no sin against a God and there is no sin against others.
8.119.2 The ego can only have total control and do reprehensible things
because the soul is still asleep within the heavy cobweb bondage
of the magnetic personality. Where this is the case, there is no possibility
of persuading such a person he has done wrong against others.
There is no interior illumination from Light to show him a better way to live. IT is entirely blocked by the ego magnetic consciousness. However, the pain such a person experiences (since everything he does
to others will return with full measure and more), will ultimately
make him question existence, and asking questions
is the means by which to receive answers from DIVINE LIFE.
8.120 I began this section by saying that people believe
they can be transformed by Spirit.
8.121 Now, you understand why I said “there is nothing to be transformed”
8.121.1 There is nothing real or eternal in the personality.
8.121.2 There is a great need to strip it away to reveal the Divine within.
8.121.3 In Palestine, I called this process a ‘dying to self
which has proved to be a frightening statement. Because of it, many people have been deterred from stepping on
to the path leading to the highest spiritual dimensions. And yes, that last step in the stripping process is indeed like a death. A person loses an essential part of his human/earthly self
whilst undergoing it, but the relief and the inner peace experienced
when the struggle is finally over, cannot be described. Joy fills the heart. There is true security, rest and tranquillity in the silence of the mind. At last, the struggle for personal control is over. The person becomes a master. There follows a time of spiritual rest and recuperation.
8.121.4 This is later followed by a stepping into a new dimension of being.
Nothing in the human scene, matters as it did before.