CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 295
8.113 If the first level of development, seeking material satisfactions
through positive thinking were wholly satisfactory to seekers
and brought them all they hoped for, the whole world would,
by now,
have been converted to the belief in positive thinking.
8.113.1 However, this is the starting point of the previously quiescent
soul’s spiritual journey and is not to be rejected or criticised.
8.114 The psyche wakes up to the fact that beyond the earthly dimension
there is some spiritual dimension called God, a person sitting up there
or a universal power which answers prayers.
8.114.1 Remember we are talking about consciousness.
8.114.2 The psyche is becoming aware that there is more to life
than the daily grind and wants to experience whatever it is
because deprivation in some area of existence
– health, financial means, happiness, love, etc.
is causing it to seek help. Here, we have the same magnetic-emotional bonding at work.
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8.114.3 However as the awakening psyche becomes an observer
of what is going on in mind and emotions,
through its filtered contact with LIFE CONSCIOUSNESS,
it will begin to see some of the magnetic-emotional
bonding~rejection activities it is engaging in.
8.114.4 Eventually, it will be sufficiently enlightened to turn from the
possessive~repulsion feelings and will pray for help to overcome them. It is usually at this time that the right Teacher for that soul
will come into his life.
8.114.5 If the soul has travelled the road of life several times,
then it will be some Teacher who has evolved sufficiently
to lead the seeking soul out of the chains and bondage of the ego-drive
and forward into Light.
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8.115 Remember, in your approach to others, be careful of their egos.
8.115.1 It is their sole means of internal survival until they have gained
a real and lasting glimpse of Divine Consciousness
and they also perceive that they have within
– and transcendent to themselves
– a source of strength, power and inspiration.
8.116 You must also realise that in becoming individualised
into bodily form and mental-emotional activity,
you are subject to the laws of existence.