CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 294
8.112.4 But your lives are meant to express every level of your consciousness
– mind, emotions, body.
8.112.5 When you have mastered the physical realms of consciousness,
your next adventure into spirituality is in the realm of your emotions. Therefore, suddenly, in the midst of your plenty, the winds blow
and the rains fall upon your previously stable emotional consciousness,
creating manifold miseries of every kind. These can be in the nature of loss of family, health or possessions,
sudden setbacks of numerous kinds in numerous areas of your life. It is at these times that so many lose their previous faith.
“Positive Thinking doesn’t work!” they affirm.
8.112.6 No, positive thinking on its own does not work;
neither does the power of your sub-conscious since it is only a facet
of your entire spiritual/human being.
8.112.7 When your emotions are in upheaval, you are being called
to examine your entire consciousness, your beliefs, your feelings
towards yourself and others, your faith in a spiritual dimension
– even the meaning of death and your life afterwards in a higher dimension. This is an extremely painful time in the lives of people. All are subject to this time of upheaval in one form or another. It can be a time of tremendous inner growth and a movement
into happiness or an ongoing time of bitterness and resentment. This is the time to wake up fully and realise
  that the outcome of the experiences are entirely up to you
– not fate or destiny – but you
– either working on your own or devotedly and consistently
with Divine Consciousness arriving eventually at the height of felicity. It is at this time also, that a person is challenged
to use the mind constructively, reaching for the highest insights
and ideals with which to master the emotions. The difference between re-active thought
– arising from impulsive ego responses to uncomfortable situations
– and creative, intelligent, thoughtful thought, will become clear. When this takes place – and the insight is put into daily practice
– self-mastery is close at hand.

8.112.8 Only the teachers who can lead you
through all the levels of self-realisation,
remorse, awakening, changing mental/emotional patterns,
moving ever upward into higher spiritual frequencies of vibrations
until reaching true God-realisation
– are the Teachers of Truth
– who can truly lead you into the Kingdom of Heaven.