CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 293 This is pure revenge.
Revenge is a boomerang which magnetically returns,
bestowing suffering of some kind on the thinker. If he is on the Path to Christ Consciousness,
it will also teach the sender a much needed lesson. All these foregoing thoughts and feelings including
the killer resentment bring on nervous – even physical – breakdowns. There may be some people reading these Letters who will remember
my confrontation with the fig tree near Bethany. I was hungry and foolishly looked for figs
when they were out of season. When I found none, I said to the tree “may no one ever eat of your fruit again.” And the tree withered to its roots and was dead by the following day,
much to the astonishment of Peter.
8.111.6 This was a time when I, as Jesus, was thoroughly irresponsible
in the use of my mind power and caused damage for which I was contrite.
(I explained the true reasons for this incident fully in Letter 3.) However, when speaking to my disciples, I also used it as an example
and warning of the power exercised by mind over living things.
8.111.7 Let it be said, also, that on that day, I whipped
and drove the money lenders out of the temple, and
harshly denigrated the scribes and Pharisees to their faces.
8.111.8 All these activities were magnetic-emotional bonding-rejection impulses. Deliberately, I set the seal on my soon-to-be death by crucifixion.
8.111.9 I knew exactly what I was doing for my time on earth was drawing
to a close and to tell the truth, I was eager to leave your world.
8.112 When people first come on to the spiritual path and seek a Higher Power,
many are taught by self-help teachers to engage in magnetic-emotional
bonding thoughts to a greater degree, although such teachers have no idea
that their instructions are serving to strengthen the power of the ego.
8.112.1 The spiritual aspirant is taught: “If you meditate, God or the
Power of my Sub-conscious will help me get all my needs”,
“I’m going to visualise the house I want and I know I’ll get it”, “I’m going to buy
the clothes I need and have faith that I’ll somehow find the instalments”.
They concentrate on having faith and on getting what they need or want.
8.112.2 At the beginning of their change in consciousness and the
exercise of their faith, they do indeed feel great benefits. The desired objects
do come into their lives, they find doors opening, they achieve success.