CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 292 This means that you may think you are relating to someone
in a real way but underneath the surface and behind their
pleasant exterior, your friend may feel lonely in your presence
and aching to be understood and spoken to
on a level more sensitive and empathetic,
more suited to their needs as well as yours.
8.111.4 Take for instance, the following example.
On the face of it, it appears to be completely harmless both to yourself
and other people, but an analysis will show you it is anything but innocuous. hope that bad-tempered woman is away from work today”. First, to be able to make such a statement,
in your hidden consciousness,
you have reviewed her behaviour and condemned her
for the problems she causes by her bad temper. You have hung a label around her neck – ‘bad tempered woman’. You have created a consciousness energy force with her name on it. It won’t do her any good. You want magnetically (not spiritually)
that she should be absent from work to make life more pleasant for you. In the above statement you reveal you are in the grip of ego
completely, since you did not pause to wonder whether she was subject to
any problem of character personality, any hidden sickness, misery,
financial problem, causing her to be short-tempered. The hope she will be absent is in the nature of a curse on her. If your thinking was sufficiently passionate and powerful,
she will probably pick up the negative consciousness energy force
and suddenly feel too unwell to go to work!

8.111.5 The same principle is involved in the development
of emotional tension into nervous breakdowns. At the onset of emotional tension, the mind and emotions begin
to race with magnetic-emotional rejection-repulsion-revulsion feelings. A person engages in continual thoughts such as:
“I can’t cope”
which is a rejection and outright denial
of any existing energy that the person does have to deal with the crisis.
“I can’t bear it”
also denies personal strength.
“I hate this happening to me” “I hate the person doing this to me.”
“I hate having to change my life-style”
“I hate, I deny, I refuse, I object, I oppose, I don’t deserve”. A particularly virulent consciousness form (thoughts)
‘I’ll get my own back’ is a mixture of magnetic-bonding-rejection.
In reality, the ‘consciousness’ of such a sentence is:
“I hate him and what he has done so much that I will teach him a lesson.
I will do to him exactly what he has done to me. I’ll make him pay!”