CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 289 Tell me, was her veiling, her personality, transformed? No, with the help of her mentor, she removed
her own veiling when she was convinced by her mentor
( DIVINE_LIFE CONSCIOUSNESS ) it was the right thing to do. As she removed the different layers of veiling,
she came closer and closer to intimate knowledge
of the Reality-Soul hidden by her veiling (the personality).
8.109.4 You can probably understand now that the human personality
is like a mental-emotional cobweb, sometimes a dirty veiling
of mass inter-actions between magnetic attraction/bonding
and magnetic repulsion/revulsion. Spiritually evolved people can see this dirty veiling
clouding the skin of people whose language is coarse
and their thoughts solely centred around earthy ego activities. Alternatively, as an individual leaves behind levels of earthy thoughts
and responses, the skin begins to clear and a light shines in the eyes.
8.109.5 Whilst the earth personality is imperceptibly dying away,
the body becomes more spiritualised.
This is clearly visible to people who have the gift of spiritual perception.
8.109.6 Do not be afraid of future withdrawal from the earthly mindset. You will relinquish it, little by little, with infinite relief. Your true goal in life will become ever more clear
and your determination to reach it will grow ever more strong. You may argue that you are not often mentally or emotionally
engaged in magnetic emotional thoughts and feelings. But when you examine your spontaneous thoughts, you will find
that you are completely dominated by magnetic attraction~bonding
and magnetic repulsion~revulsion thoughts all day long! Your mind keeps up a ceaseless chatter
of comments and judgements, criticisms, wants, don’t wants,
reactionary feelings verging on resentment or rejection, l
onging for certain things and fears that the longings will not be fulfilled,
striving for success and irritation or anger
with those who stand in the way of that success.