CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 288 After much searching for the inner strength to do so,
she begged her mentor to help her. He lifted her hands and together
they discarded the veil on which the ugly face had been painted
and she felt much better for having rid herself of it.
She began to feel a sense of joy. After a while, she was eager to rid herself of another veil
and again her mentor came to her and helped remove it. And so it continued. The more she shed, the lighter she grew,
and she gradually glimpsed the reality of nature around her,
she could see the trees clearly, the birds on the boughs and listened
enthralled to their beautiful songs, she saw the beauty in other people’s
faces, and began to feel the flow of love in her heart. Life was now becoming a truly Divine gift to be treasured. Daily
she gave thanks to her mentor for helping her become such a happy person. Finally, the time came when she could no longer bear the final veil
around her. She knew it was shutting her off from even greater light,
beauty, harmony and loving contact with other beautiful people. Although she did not know how she would manage without it,
she retired into the silence with her mentor
and pleaded to have this last veil removed. This was a time of agony since the veil
appeared to be a part of her being. But she begged and pleaded and in a moment of brilliant Light,
the veil was burnt off her. The form that was left was her Reality
and she came into perfect inner freedom! However, her individualised Reality now had to find a way
to function in the environment; this was unexpectedly difficult. Because her perceptions of Reality surrounding and within herself
were now so clear and transcendent, the ground of her communication
with other people had radically changed. She was no longer at peace in the social and business environment,
nor could she remain a member of her community. People looked at her and said:
“Oh, this is who you are, and you have no veil, how dreadful. We find you very odd – even a little mad”. They turned their backs on her. What do you think she did? Did she long to go back to the time when she was
veiled as heavily as others? No, she had found such peace, joy and fulfilment of need,
she left her community and went into a retreat and joined other souls
who would recognise her true identity
and respond to it with love and joy.