CHRIST Returnsthe Reality of Men and Women
Letter 8 rosepage 287
8.108.2 Never take it for granted, otherwise you will block
further entrance of LOVING INTELLIGENCE. You will wonder why you feel so alone again.
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8.109 People speak of being transformed by the inner Spirit.
8.109.1 The terminology of ‘inner Spirit’ is not wrong. I have gone to great lengths to try to rid your minds of old terminology which may have an inaccurate meaning for you. At the same time, I want you to understand that once you have grasped
what I really mean, (for I have been so grossly misinterpreted in the past
that I do not want this to happen again),
you must not be bound down by the terminology itself. So long as you know what the ‘inner Spirit’ really is
DIVINE_LIFE CONSCIOUSNESS operating out of INFINITE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and has nothing to do with the spirits of the departed,
you may use the terminology which has most meaning for you,
provided it is the meaning given you in these Letters.
8.109.2 To return to my original statement at the beginning of this new section.
It is frequently said that people can be transformed by the power of the Spirit. Such a transformation is not possible. There is nothing real in your human self which can be transformed. Your soul has been drawn from DIVINE_LIFE CONSCIOUSNESS
and is therefore perfect. Your human personality is ephemeral and composed only
of magnetic emotional bonding~rejection impulses. Consequently, Divine Life must gradually impregnate
more and more of your consciousness to impel you
to strip away these gross impulses
in order to reveal the spiritual Reality.

8.109.3 Perhaps I can best explain this to you by using a parable. A girl of great beauty was kept hidden within heavy grey veiling
and an ugly face was painted on it. Thus, the truth of her being was kept secret and few
ventured near her because of her unattractive appearance. She grew up and realised that the cause of her loneliness and misery,
loss of freedom of movement and health, were due to the veils. But she was so accustomed to them
that she felt she would not survive without them. However, she was fortunate enough to meet an enlightened mentor
from another country, and was ultimately persuaded to discard just one veil.